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A large company may have up to 1,000 vehicles for operational needs. Bank with hundreds of branches and consumer goods company for example, using thousands of vehicles for day-to-day operations.

To manage a fleet, the company requires a General Affairs (GA) division which should take care of the administrative needs such as units distribution, vehicle registration renewal, insurance claims, regular services, replacement units, and much more.

These conditions cause the company to be inefficient, with a substantial investment in the part that is not a core business.



Certifications of ISO and implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG)

Accredited with certifications of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 and implementing Good Corporate Governance practice.

Vehicle replacement

Vehicle replacement given that customer activities are not disrupted.

All vehicles covered by insurance

All vehicles covered by insurance to provide comfort and tranquility in driving.

Emergency Road Assistance

Emergency Road Assistance helps if the vehicle broke down or require assistance on the highway

Nationwide Network branches & Workshop

Nationwide Network with 44 branches & equipped with standardized workshop throughout Indonesia.

Solution Center 1500 369

Solution Center 1500-369 using Avaya system provides reminder when vehicles require maintenance and periodic servicing.

SAP System

SAP system that manages the administration and integrated in real time.

Administrative paperwork and vehicle maintenance

No need to worry about administrative paperwork and vehicle maintenance. We take care of everything so your company can focus on managing the core business.

Professional driver

The human factor plays an important role in driving. A sense of comfort and security is obtained if the driver is professional and well trained.
A total of 2,800 ASSA drivers has been through a careful selection in recruitment with SMART standard (Healthy, Serving, Expert, Neat and Reliable).

Reputation ASSA Rent

PT Adi Sarana Armada Tbk (ASSA Group) upholding the reputation and credibility in operating our vehicles. The management team are competent in their field with a dozen years of experience in the vehicle rental industry, ensuring ASSA business management done professionally to achieve customer satisfaction. Growing by leaps and bounds, ASSA Rent has become a public company and listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 2012 and has total assets of more than IDR 2 trillion. GCG certification, ISO and transparency as a public company provide comfort and security in partnering with ASSA.