As a public company,PT Adi Sarana Armada Tbk (ASSA) realizes the importance of implementing sustainable corporate governance within the company

so as to increase the prosperity and accountability to realize the Company’s shareholder value in the long term, with due regard to the interests of the various parties with an interest in the Company.

The company is also aware of the factors essential for a functioning implementation of GCG, among other vital factor is the attention and commitment and action of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners, given that the Board of Directors in charge of and responsible for the management of the Company and the Board of Commissioners is the task of overseeing the actions of Directors.

The Company is developing an e-learning program to raise awareness and knowledge of the strategies, policies, systems and procedures to be applied well and has been applied. Currently the Company is also developing policies and mechanisms on Whistle Blowing System (WBS) to be applied in the Company.
GCG principles generally accepted and embraced by ASSA is “TARIF” ie Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independence and Fairness and Equality.

Audit Committee

SK Dekom Pengangkatan Komite Audit

Audit Committee Charter

Company Policy & Ethics Standard

Company Policy & Ethics Standard

Risk Management Committee

SK Risk Management

Risk Management Charter


As one embodiment of the Company’s vision, ASSA Rent always realize the business activities that are not only profitable but also contribute to improving the quality of life of all stakeholders related to the Company’s business activities and operations. This commitment is realized through the activities and programs of Corporate Social Responsibility ASSA Rent.

ASSA CSR activities focus on four (4) major aspects of environmental conservation, community development, the responsibility of the customer as well as employment practices, health and safety.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Activity 2014

CSR Activity 2013

CSR Activitiy 2012


The Company is committed to address priority to handle any violation of internal working mechanism in the Company since early stages before the issue spread. This is an effort to establish high performance company by always complying with the regulation.

Several objectives which are aimed to be achieved are:

  • Overcoming internal control system limit such as collution, management concern and internal audit which may fail to control every process in every activity, time and place.
  • Providing reporting access/infrastructure.
  • Implementing good corporate governance practice as well as corporate regulation.

WBS policy is applied to all stakeholders PT Adi Sarana Armada Tbk and subsidiary.

The WBS management will be monitored on a regular basis or every three (3) months of the effective implementation by WBS team. Audit and Review can be done by WBS team, Management or Internal Auditor. Company management will conduct an evaluation of the reporting WBS every 6 (six) months or as needed.

The company realizes the importance of sustainable transparency in the management of the Company in order to gain better trust of stakeholders. Therefore, the Company is required to consistently apply GCG as part of the working culture of the Company.


Whistleblower Policy

SK Whistleblower System